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Pineapple Catering; a social enterprise of The Hospitality School, takes great pride in delighting your guests with top quality food and catering services while presenting our clients a unique opportunity to use your purchasing power as philanthropy. Our mission at Pineapple Catering is to continually be Delaware's best catering value dedicated to providing outstanding quality, excellent pricing, and superior customer service.

Pineapple Catering stands out amongst the many caterers in Delaware. Everyone at Pineapple Catering knows how important food is to having a great celebration or meeting. You will find that we take great pride in what we do and how we prepare each and every order as if it were going to be served at one of our own family events.

Pineapple Catering Promise:

* Outstanding Quality
* Excellent Pricing
* Superior Customer Service
* On Time Delivery

Here is how we use your purchasing power as philanthropy. Profit from Pineapple Catering are used to support the mission of The Hospitality School. It also allows us to provide free culinary arts training and job placement assistance at The Hospitality School to those who desire careers in the culinary arts.

When you do business with Pineapple Catering, you are directly supporting The Hospitality School's programs and graduates. In addition, as Pineapple Catering grows, we offer careers to graduating students of The Hospitality School.

The Hospitality School is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) that provides free culinary arts training and job placement assistance for adults who are experiencing barriers to employment. Regardless of the barriers, our students are eager to enter the culinary arts industry and change their life experiences. To learn more about The Hospitality school, you may visit their website at
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